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Colorful Minority Tours

China's southwest is home to the most fascinating ethnic minorities living much the way they have for hundreds of years. Exploring Chinese minority villages in China, you will be enthralled by its minority people's exotic dress, ethnic folk customs and lifestyles, and more.
China Natural Wonders Tour 13 daysChina Natural Wonders Tour 13 days
  • In this tour, you can not only visit the most important historical cities, but also view the spring city Kunming with its Stone Forest, the traditional architecture complex of minorities in Dali, tran...
  • Destinations:Beijing - Xian - Kunming -Dali - Lijiang - Kunming - Hong Kong
  • Price from:$2105
Journey to Southwest 13 daysJourney to Southwest 13 days
  • Join us in exploring Chinese minority villages in Yunnan province! You will be attracted deeply by its minority people’s exotic dress, daily life and the unique architecture of their wooden houses.
  • Destinations:Hong Kong - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Kunming - Shanghai
  • Price from:$2164
Southwest Highland Express 8 daysSouthwest Highland Express 8 days
  • Yunnan Province is endlessly fascinating. Enjoy the fabulous karst landscape, visit attractive minority villages, and experience the minority culture and the local family life on this spectacular 8-da...
  • Destinations:Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Kunming
  • Price from:$936
Southwest Natural Tour 11 daysSouthwest Natural Tour 11 days
  • Yunnan Province is home to most fascinating ethnic minorities. Come and see for yourself, and you will experience an enticing itinerary seeing the traditional lifestyles of Lijiang residents. the spir...
  • Destinations:Kunming - Jinghong - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Kunming
  • Price from:$1492
South & West Minorities Tour 18 daysSouth & West Minorities Tour 18 days
  • This tour covers Kunming, Dali and Lijiang, where you will experience an enticing itinerary seeing the traditional lifestyles of Lijiang residents, the spiritual atmosphere in Old Naxi City, and explo...
  • Destinations:Hong Kong - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Xian - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Beijing
  • Price from:$2979
Yunnan Minority Wander Tour 16 daysYunnan Minority Wander Tour 16 days
  • During this tour, you could experience both historical and natural China. It covers the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the mysterious city - Lhasa and also the Kunming, Dali, Lijinag -...
  • Destinations:Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shanghai
  • Price from:$2652
China Southwest Experience Tour 14 days China Southwest Experience Tour 14 days
  • Starting from "the Pearl of the Orient", Hong Kong, you will have the chance to visit the best preserved hometowns of minorities, with the complete traditional folk cultures in Kaili, Longsheng and Sa...
  • Destinations:Hong Kong - Guiyang - Kaili - Rongjiang - Congjiang - Zhaoxing - Sanjiang - Longsheng - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Shanghai
  • Price from:$1819
China Ethnic Culture Tour 16 daysChina Ethnic Culture Tour 16 days
  • On this tour, you will explore those huge contrasts between the cultures that have thrived in China for centuries and the even bigger differences between modern China and the people who live in beauti...
  • Destinations:Beijing - Xian - Guiyang - Kaili - Guiyang - Guilin - Hong Kong
  • Price from:$2255
Guizhou Ethnic Minority Tour 17daysGuizhou Ethnic Minority Tour 17days
  • Tour feature: This tour not only covers the major historical sites in the most important historical cities- Beijing, Xian, and picturesque city Guilin - but you will also have the chance to explore Ch...
  • Destinations:Beijing - Xian - Guiyang - Anshun - Guiyang - Kaili - Rongjiang - Congjiang - Zhaoxing - Sanjiang - Longsheng - Guilin -Yangshuo - Guilin - Shanghai
  • Price from:$2028

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