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Occupying an area of 15,738 square kilometers (6,076.5 square miles), Turpan City Prefecture is located to the southeast of Urumqi. Turpan means 'the lowest place' in the Uygur language and 'the fertile land' in Turki. Lying in the Turpan Basin, the elevation of most of the places in the area is below 500 meters (1,640 feet). Turpan is the city with the lowest elevation in China and is the hottest place in China, which the annual average temperature is 14 C. Although the high temperature can be oppressive people can also get some benefits from it. The abundant sunshine gives the melons and grapes ideal conditions to grow. The fruit here is widely known for its high sugar content, especially the grapes. Turpan is praised as the 'Hometown of Grapes' and the Grape Valley is a good place to enjoy the grapes of hundreds of varieties. Turpan is a marvelous city blending Western and Eastern religions and culture together perfectly. It has been a key point on the Silk Road since ancient times, with a great number of historical relics as well as unique landscapes, including Flaming Mountain, Emin Minaret, Jiaohe Ancient City, Gaochang Ancient City, Bizalkik Thousand Buddha Caves, Karez System and so on.
Also known as Fire City (Huo Zhou in Chinese), Turpan is possibly the hottest place in China. As it is surrounded by the Gobi desert, the climate here has a typical feature of desert area: dry, hot at the midday of summer, and windy. The yearly average temperature is about 14 degree Celsius (57.2 F), the annual rainfall is merely 16.4 mm, which makes it one of the driest place in the country. The travel season is usually from April to early October when it has comfortable daytime temperatures and cool nights. Moreover, various fruits get ripe and the area is shrouded in a sweet scent of fragrant fruits during this time of the year.
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Roasted Dumplings
The stuffing for these dumplings is made from first-class mutton, with added onions, salt and pepper. After wrapping the stuffing in dough, the locals roast the dumplings in a big oven for about 20 minutes. The roasted dumpling is really delicious with its rather crispy skin and tender stuffing.

Sanzi is the local's favorite snack. Sanzi is one of the Hui snacks eaten at festivals. It is considered as a table delicacy for giving guests a special treat. To make Sanzi, you should mix the flour with oil, Chinese prickly ash and egg white to make dough. And then, pull the dough into thin noodles and deep-fry the noodles in oil for several minutes.

Ququ (Wonton)
It is quite similar to Wonton in other parts of China. The stuffing is made of mutton, onion, salt and pepper, in a square dough wrapper. After boiling it in broth, some coriander is added. It is presented with this delicious broth, as well as having a thin skin around the deliciously tender stuffing.

Getting There
By air
At present Turpan does not have its own airport, but visitors can use the Urumqi International Airport (URC). It is about 230 kilometers (142.9 miles) from the airport to Turpan city center and it takes only 2 hours' driving by expressway. There are 99 domestic services and 14 international services for 60 destination cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Tashkent, Novosibirsk, Moscow and Islamabad. Turpan Airport is under construction.

The Real Love Club
The Real Love Club is one of the top-grade KTV in Turpan. It is very popular with young people with its gorgeous decoration and outstanding facilities. The sound effects in the club are particularly excellent and make every singer sound like a superstar. The food is also very delicious
Address: No.321, Oasis Road, Turpan

Turpan Stereo Movie Theater
Turpan Stereo Movie Theater owns 110 soft single-seats and a number of private rooms for lovers, stereo sound equipment and the newest digital film projector. Movies from home and abroad will be shown every day. All the movies are with high clarity and remarkable sound stereoscopic effect. Turpan Stereo Movie Theater has been the major movie showing place of this area in the culture and entertainment market.
Address: Turpan oasis road


Turpan Grape Festival
Turpan is renowned for the quality of the fruit grown here and the sweetness of the grapes. Just as the name implies, the grape is the subject of the festival which is held in August each year and lasts for a month. During the festival, you can feel the happiness of harvest in every corner of the city. The grapes of hundreds of varieties are ripe and hang on the vines, waiting for you to enjoy. Amongst them, the white grape without seeds is the favourite one and it is praised as the 'green pearl of China'. In addition to enjoying the sweet grapes you can take in traditional Uygur performances in the festival, such as the wedding ceremony of Uygur and the dancing performances in Tang Dynasty (618-907). Grape Valley is the best option for you to celebrate the festival.

Eid al Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking)
This fast is one of the five pillars of Islam and Eid al Fitr is the first day after 30 days' fast. The festival is celebrated on the 1st of October according to the Moslem calendar, and lasts for three days. It is an important festival among the Moslems. On the first morning of the festival, people gather together in the mosque to pray. And then, they wear national costumes to call on their relatives and friends. During the festival, people will butcher fat stocks and cook some traditional snacks to satisfy their stomach.

Eid al Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice)
The festival is on 10th December according to the Moslem calendar and it is the last day for pilgrimage. In the early morning, all men go to mosque to pray. It is the most important divine service with a largest scale all year round. During the festival, each family should slaughter a sheep, a cow or a camel. And families and friends would gather together to sing and dance happily. Of course, they will also enjoy a sumptuous meal together. After the meal, they often visit the grave to honor the memory of ancestors.

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