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Yangtze Travel FAQ

1.What do the high season and the shoulder season refer to in the Yangtze River cruise?
The high and shoulder seasons in all cruise itineraries refer to the seasons defined by the cruise companies based on their cruise lines and the water level. Usually April to May, and September to October are the high seasons for cruising. The rest of the time is shoulder season.Top
2.Is it better to take a Yangtze River cruise upstream or downstream?
The biggest difference between downstream and upstream is that the former takes less time. Usually there are only a few minor differences between these two routes. Most ships will have exactly the same programs for both downstream and upstream cruises. For some travelers who have limited time, the downstream trip is the best choice. Since more people take downstream cruises, these are more expensive and more crowded. Top
3.What is the weather like on the Yangtze River?
Generally, it is misty with a light breeze. The average temperature reaches 30 C (86 F) in July and 10 C (50 F) in January. Both spring and autumn are the best seasons for the Yangtze River cruise, especially April, May, September and October when the weather is cool and comfortable. During summer, thunderstorms are frequent which causes the river water to rise. This usually occurs between July and September. The winters are always short and cold. Because of the low water level during winter, few ships sail between November and February. Top
4.What clothes should I bring?
We suggest that you bring a light jacket, jeans, T- shirts and a lightweight windcheater if you are planning to take the Yangtze River cruise during spring or autumn. You should bring some cotton T-shirts, shorts, a hat/cap, sunglasses and suntan lotion during summer. Sweaters are a must during winter. Wearing comfortable walking shoes is highly recommended. When attending the Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party and Dinner and the Captain's Farewell Dinner, coat and tie for gentlemen and a formal dress or gown for ladies are recommended. Top
5.How do I pay for my cruise? Can we pay in the Chinese currency (CNY/RMB)?
Yes, you can pay by Chinese currency (CNY) but it needs to be paid before you arrive, since we need to pay for your cabins in advance before you board the ship.
Please see the following specific information for each type of payment.

Western Union
Please go to the Western Union Money Transfer to remit the money as the following steps:
- Tell the Western Union staff that you want to transfer money to the Peoples Republic of China and then give the recipient's name. For example, if recipient's name is name is Yuanni Lai (the money beneficiary), please ensure that "Yuanni" is the first name (Given name) while the "Lai" is the last name (Family name), in that order.
- Ask the Western Union staff to give you the Money Transfer Control Number after your remittance is made.
- Advise us of the Money Transfer Control Number for this remittance, the name of the person who made the payment (remittance) and the country you received the payment from. We cannot accept the payment without the information above.
Remark: Please guarantee the amount we receive from you will be the same as the quotation we offered. It means that we will not take care of the commission charge for you. Thanks for your comprehension and cooperation.

Credit Card
If you would like to pay for the tour by credit card, please fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form we will send you via email for your initial deposit payment. Once you complete the form and provide a copy of both sides of your credit card, please fax it back to our office at +86-773-3133610.

Bank Wire Transfer
Please note the details of our company as follows:
Bank Name: Guida Road Sub-Branch, Guilin Branch ,Bank of China
Bank Add: No.7,Kongming Road Western,Guilin,Guangxi,P.R.China
Account #: 8810 0734 4208 0910 01
Swift code: BKCHCNBJ49C
Company Add: Room3, 11th Floor, Shengjingzhongxin Building, Canluan Road,Qixing District, Guilin 541004,Guangxi,P.R.China
Remark: Please guarantee the amount we receive from you will be the same as the quotation we offered. It means that we will not take care of the commission charge for you. Thanks for your comprehension and cooperation.
After finalizing the payment, you may also FAX the receipt from the bank to our office at +86-773-3133610.

6.What does your price of the cruise include and exclude?
The cruise fare includes meals, accommodation based on dual occupancy and shore excursion fees. The cruise fare does not include personal expenses such as wine from the bar, laundry, hairdressing or barber, postal and cable service, clinic, massage and shopping, gratuities for guides and staff, etc. If you take the Yangtze River cruise by yourself, you will be expected to share one twin cabin with another unknown passenger of the same sex. However, if you would prefer to occupy one cabin alone, an extra fee will be charged.Top
7. How do I get to the ship and how early should I arrive?
If you have purchased our cruise packages or tours, we will provide and arrange the necessary transfers to the ship, which means that you do not need to check in to the ship by yourself. Our tour guide will meet you and take you from your airport to the cruise ship. Top
8.How much should I pay the porters when I embark and disembark?
If you purchase the Yangtze River cruise plus private transfer service to and from the cruise ship from our company, you needn’t pay the porters unless you want to tip them. Top
9.What's the cabin like on ships?
Most of 4-star & 5-star cruise ships have 1 or 2 presidential suites, and several deluxe suites. All of the cruise ships will have quite a few staterooms, some of which have balconies. All the suites and cabins feature remote-controlled satellite color TV, central air conditioning, acoustics, in-cabin IDD, and a private bathroom with hair-dryer and extension phone.Top
10.Can you arrange an extra bed for the cruise?
Not all cruises provide extra beds in standard twin cabins. This is based on cabin space. For example, the Emperor, Dragon, Serenity, Three Kingdom, President No. 1, Splendid China, Yangtze, Yangtze Paradise and Victoria Series can provide an extra bed only for children, we highly recommend that you do not add a bed in the cabin; otherwise it will be very narrow and leave no space for you to walk around. Top
11.Will I have the services of your private tour guide while on board?
No. As soon as your private tour guide transfers you to the ship and check in, he or she will get off the ship. The guide will not accompany you during the cruise. There will be one fixed tour guide introducing the sightseeing along the Yangtze River for all the passengers on board. All activities and shore excursions during the cruise will be managed by the cruise company and subject to change without prior notice. Top
12.Do the staff onboard speak English?
Yes, each cruise has a knowledgeable foreign national cruise director. In addition most of the service staffs speak English as well. Top
13.What is the voltage on board? Can I use my hair dryer or shaver?
Most ships have 110V outlets in the bathroom and 220V in cabin. Many ships will supply hair-dryers in your cabin for your convenience. Top
14.What type of food is served on board?
Breakfast is a Western style buffet including everything from corn flakes to pancakes. Lunch and dinner are Chinese cuisine and offer a large choice of dishes with plenty of vegetables and fruit. Top
15.Are medical services available?
Professional medical services are available on all cruise ships and usually every ship has a health clinic, and a doctor who is trained in both Chinese traditional and Western medicine. Top
16.Do you have Internet access on board?
Yes. Internet access and phone call services are available via the Satellite service. Some other secretarial service such as photocopying, simultaneous translating, typing, personal computers, and fax facilities are available in the Business Center. However to use these services you would need to pay an extra fee, which is quite high. We strongly suggest you bring your own cell phone onboard. Top
17.What currency is used onboard? Is there a currency exchange service?
No cash transactions are available on board. Instead a tally of expenses is kept for each passenger. Before disembarkation, passengers are required to pay their bills by major currencies, for example US dollars, British pounds, Euros, Chinese Yuan or by major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. There is a currency exchange service available at the reception desk. Top
18.What about tipping?
Tipping is a matter of personal preference. Additional tips for any staff member who has provided a special service are at your discretion. Tips to shore excursion guides are also at passengers' discretion. Top
19.When I disembark, how and where will I find my guide?
After disembarking, you will see our guide on the landing holding a name board and waiting for you. It is very easy for you to find the guide. Top

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